Why Choose Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce?

Why Choose Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the best tools for businesses of all sizes. No matter how big or small your business is, you need to keep your relationship with your client by taking the right approach.

Salesforce is the leading CRM software used by many businesses to manage their customer’s data, leads, accounts, finance and marketing. They have improvised the sales operation of enterprises and created innovative products and services for their Customer’s needs. Salesforce have consistently been ranked #1 by IDC for four years running and have over 4,000 pre-integrated applications on their marketplace exchange, AppExchange. Salesforce has all the plugins you need to run your business. Depending on your business needs, you can download many apps from the AppExchange including the Kulturra Payment Center. Kulturra is a  Payment Processing and Invoicing app that you can easily integrate into your  Salesforce account.

Here are some reasons to get Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce.

Free Trial

Download the Payment Center from the AppExchange and use the payments and invoicing features free for 30 days. You can test it out on your org and see if it will fit your business requirements.

Everything you need in accounting

Accounting is one of the biggest areas of a business. Without it, finances won’t be managed well, especially if the owner has no idea how the process works. This is the reason why many companies tend to hire their accountants to do the process. However, the traditional accounting process is starting to lose its time. The world is becoming digitalized, so more enterprises are switching to automated accounting.

Payment Center has everything you need in your accounting—invoicing, credit card ACH checking, payment request links, and SF communities. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to manage your business finances. Salesforce has been helping small-scale to large-scale businesses. Before Payment Center, users had to go to other software or apps to record their financial transactions. Imagine the time you’re going to waste when picking information from  Salesforce and switching tables to record them again in your accounting software.

If you use Payment Center, you’ll have so much time saved. You’ll be able to focus on other  important aspects of your business with the extra time. For our users, Payment Center makes their lives convenient

It’s customizable

What’s the main difference between Payment Center and other accounting software outside of Salesforce. The latter has pre-arranged templates for users. This means that there’s no way a user can do their own format of reports, for example, since the software has arranged everything for them before purchase. Payment Center does the same by providing templates for users. But, what makes it unique is that it enables users to customize their own dashboards to  see what they want to see at a glance. They can have their own format of reports and records within Salesforce.

Collections made easy

Payment Center allows you to send an automatic reminder for your customers who have outstanding invoices, expiring credit cards, or default payments. You don’t have to hire a third party to do the collections or have someone in your team call your customers. With an  automated alert, you’ll become more cost and time-efficient.

Salesforce community

Customers have always wanted a place where they can reach out to the customer service representative quickly. The good thing about Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce is that they don’t have to wait in a queue to talk to someone with knowledge. They can post their concerns in the Salesforce community to get answers from thousands of users in Salesforce.


Payment Center has a lot to offer. It’s a reputable software with a 5-star AppExchange rating. It’s more than 10 years of experience and over 12 payment processors supported has brought it to the place where it’s at right now. If you’re looking for great accounting software and you’re  using Salesforce for your business, it’s about time to use Kulturra Payment Center to make a  huge difference in your company

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Why Choose Kulturra for Invoicing?

Salesforce AppExchange has a number of billing and invoicing solutions vying for your attention. Not a lot of them have all the features that Kulturra’s Payment Center can offer.

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Why Choose Kulturra for Invoicing?

Why Choose Kulturra for Invoicing?

Salesforce AppExchange has a number of billing and invoicing solutions vying for your attention. Not a lot of them have all the features that Kulturra’s Payment Center can offer.

Kulturra’s has a two-pronged approach with its powerful invoice organization features and its wide array of payment options. Both of these make it an absolute value-add to any business or organization looking to keep on top of their invoices and payments.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful invoicing and payment processing tool both rolled into one convenient solution on the AppExchange, make sure you choose Kulturra’s Payment Center. Here are two excellent reasons why:

Keep your invoices organized

Payment Center’s native integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it a powerful accounting tool. It allows you to stay on top of your accounts and keep track of your CRM database


Customers love transparency, so Kulturra made sure to give you that ability to show customers exactly what they’re paying for. You can add discounts, shipping, tax, or any other additional charges on your invoices on Payment Center.

Easy to use

With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily create and send an invoice on the Salesforce platform. You don’t even have to think about the due date because Payment Center computes it automatically based on your pre-set terms.

Multiple invoicing

As a growing business, you might come across transactions wherein you need to send multiple invoices at once. Payment Center also lets you accomplish this task with ease. It even gives you the ability to choose between combining the multiple invoices into one PDF document. You can also send them individually to their designated recipients.

Automated reminders

If you are worried of losing track of outstanding invoices, then you’re going to love Payment Center’s automated reminders. Payment Center keeps tabs on all outstanding invoices and sends a preset message to your contacts as a reminder to fulfill it as soon as they’re able.

Statement generation

You can also generate account statements to get a more macro view of your business with a particular customer. Payment Center lets you generate a specific date range, email it to your customer, or print out the statement right off the software.

Recurring invoices and payments

Payment Center also allows you to schedule recurring invoices and payments. This would greatly reduce the work needed to be done for customers you have to deal with on a routine basis.

Accept a wide range of payment options

So, you’ve got a great invoicing tool at your disposal with Payment Center. The thing is, it doesn’t mean much to your business until they’re paid.

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to getting paid is that customers have different preferred payment methods. Some like to pay with credit cards, others like bank transfers better. So,your business needs to be able to process the widest range of payment options possible. Otherwise, you might miss some lucrative opportunities.

Payment Center is only one of the few AppExchange solutions that enable you to take payments inside Salesforce or online through credit cards, eCheck/ACH, check, wire transfer, and cash. This ensures that you won’t have to turn a customer away due to a lack of payment options.

Use Kulturra’s Payment Center

Creating and keeping track of your invoices can be tedious. Having an option like Payment Center from Kulturra can help you avoid the hassle. It lets you be more organized with your invoices and widens your payment options. Both of these benefits can take the load off you and your team so you can focus your attention on what really matters most – running your business.

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Why Choose Kulturra for Invoicing?

Salesforce AppExchange has a number of billing and invoicing solutions vying for your attention. Not a lot of them have all the features that Kulturra’s Payment Center can offer.

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Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providing an enterprise class inventory and order management solution.

About Ascent Solutions

It goes beyond inventory management. Ascent has Operations 360 that extends the utility of the Salesforce Sales Cloud with real-time inventory, purchase, sales, rental orders, finance management, and even reverse logistics data. Ascent Solutions basically arms business owners with the tools to help them make the best decision for their business based on real-time, accurate, and accessible information.

The company also gives businesses the ability to focus on big decisions. By automating some of order management and fulfilment processes, business owners can have more time developing the business rather than simply running it.

What makes them truly stand out from the rest of the ERPs available on the Salesforce platform is in how quick and easy it is to deploy the Ascent Solutions system. There’s no need for expensive and laborious network infrastructure or hardware set-up.

To help Ascent Solutions send automated invoices and accept a wider range of payment options, they decided to use Kulturra’s Payment Center.

Kulturra caught up with Ascent Solutions, to talk about how Payment Center has helped their company in giving their customers a truly hassle-free experience in dealing with the company.

According to Ascent Solutions Co-Founder and President, Shaun McInerny, processing credit card information was a sore point prior to deploying Kulturra’s Payment Center

“Ascent would have to enter a customer’s credit card information directly into the payment processor’s website. Then we would have to close out the invoice in Ascent and enter the payment details into our accounting system, Xero.”

Kulturra’s Payment Center made the process much easier by managing and safeguarding customer information. This allowed Ascent to enter customer information only once in the beginning and just retrieve the information when it’s needed again at the next billing cycle.

McInerny also likes Payment Center’s automated invoicing features. It streamlines the invoicing and payment processing which leads to savings in both time and effort.

“We have automated all of our monthly and quarterly recurring customers. There is zero human intervention with our recurring clients. Credit cards are processed automatically and invoices sent without any human intervention. If this process was still manual, we would need to dedicate 4 to 5 hours to complete the monthly tasks.”

If freeing up some precious time from draining work in invoicing and payment processing is important to you, then let Kulturra’s Payment Center take over for you. Contact us now!

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The association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other.


About Smithbucklin

Smithbucklin is an association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other. They serve a wide range of industries and sectors such as trade associations, professional societies, technology communities, charitable organizations, and corporations.

They also provide a number of highly specialized professional services for specific functions and long-term projects by matching the right level of staff expertise and experience to client organization programs, activities, and objectives.

To help them handle their diverse payment options, Smithbucklin chose Kulturra’s Payment Center back in 2019 to take care of their payment processing needs. We caught up with Smithbucklin Sales Services Vice President Tom Myers to talk to him about the partnership.

What challenges were you looking to solve when you found Payment Center?

One of the services Smithbucklin offers is providing trade shows, events, and convention management. As such, they’ve had to handle booth-space payment processing from a lot of different organizations. With the varied ways that each organization handled their finances, it was difficult to process them all in one place. Kulturra’s Payment Center, therefore, was the perfect choice.

“Our unique multi-client Salesforce environment has been a challenge for many of the applications we investigated in the AppExchange. Payment Center is a Salesforce app we selected to automate the invoicing of vendor partners for the booth space, sponsorships or advertising they purchased from one of our client organizations.”

How has Kulturra Payment Center helped you solve the challenges?

While it was Payment Center’s versatility that initially drew them in, Smithbucklin and Thomas were pleasantly surprised that the whole system functioned so seamlessly. In a company that dealt with a copious amount of organizations, this seamless integration went a really long way

“Payment Center’s architecture is flexible and was able to support our requirements to manage invoicing on behalf of different clients whom we sell for and service. It has allowed us to move seamlessly from closing opportunities to invoicing to tracking payments, credit memos, etc. all within the same system. More efficient than re-entering order details into a separate invoicing system.”

Why would you recommend Payment Center and Kulturra?

There’s a whole lot more to like about Payment Center. Mr. Myers says that Payment Center’s versatility combined with an excellent post-sale support and ease-of-implementation make it an excellent value for money purchase for their business.

“What we liked best about Kulturra’s Payment Center is that it works with custom projects. It’s also priced competitively while also being one of the best in terms of ease of implementation and post-sale support.”

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Driver Defense Team

Driver Defense Team

We are Illinois-based law group that specialize in traffic-related cases

About Driver Defense Team

Driver Defense Team is an Illinois-based law group that specialize in traffic-related cases. The team consists of lawyers and legal assistants always ready to protect the legal rights of their clients in an array of scenarios.

The law group commonly gives advice on petty and misdemeanor traffic violations. However, the team is also fully equipped to handle more serious traffic cases such as DUI and driving under a suspended or revoked license.

The DDT Law Group has a lot on their plate in defending the legal rights of Illinois residents that come from different walks of life. It’s important, therefore, that invoicing and billing are not a hindrance to their workflow. Because of this need for versatility, they chose to deploy Kulturra’s Payment Center in their day-to-day operations.

We had a chat with Derek Martin, one of the firm’s partners, about how Kulturra Payment Center has made it possible for them to focus on their clients.

Derek Martin


Driver Defense Team

What challenges were you trying to overcome before using Kulturra Payment Center?

The Driver Defense Team attracts clients from a diverse demographic. As such, their client’s preferred payment methods vary wildly. This makes Invoicing and billing complicated.

I implemented two other popular payment apps before testing Payment Center. They were never quite right. Our attorneys had difficulty billing clients on our previous Salesforce Financial app, as it could not handle our different payment options (cash, credit card, checks, money order, etc). We’d have to make 25 clicks just to accept a cash payment.

How has Payment Center helped you in solving the challenges?

Payment Center’s ability to handle an assortment of payment options attracted the Driver Defense Team. It gave the firm the ability to process their client’s payments with a few simple clicks.

Payment Center’s out-of-the-box features allow down payments and multiple installments that suits our needs. We now have a simplified way of billing our clients. It works perfectly and easily on all different payment options (credit card, check, cash, money orders, etc) including customized payment plans with different installment amounts. Also, we now have a good visibility of our cases, allowing us to see which one is paid, closed or still open. It allows for easier tracking, automatic notifications to our clients, and better insights on the status of all the cases we are handling.

Payment Center is the perfect solution for our law firm. It is extremely versatile which allows us to focus more on protecting our clients.

Why would you recommend Payment Center and Kulturra?

Versatility might have been what attracted DDT to Payment Center but it was Kulturra’s hands-on approach to solving the law group’s problems that made them fully commit. Kulturra’s team worked hard to provide the precise solution to the law firm’s unique requirements.

Kulturra’s Payment Center was very “out of the box” and after a phone call with the Payment Center support team, they customized it to be perfect for our needs. I cannot recommend them enough!

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