Streamlining the Payment Process: Merging CRM and Billing Systems

EF Gap Year offers a variety of experiential programs for students who are interested in spending their gap year abroad. EF Gap Year program’s span more than 100 countries in 6 continents, offering three different kinds of programs: Gap Year Programs, Gap Semester Programs, and Short Term Programs. Their innovative experiential learning model leverages the power of travel to prepare students for success. By helping students discover their goals and equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to achieve these goals, EF Gap Year provides students with a fulfilling experience and lifelong memories.

Before installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, EF Gap Year had two separate systems for billing and CRM, which compromised their time, resources, and productivity. Additionally, as their business scaled, it became even more crucial that they used a comprehensive, fully-functioning payment system that could accommodate their wide variety of customers who touched all corners of the world.

This is when Kulturra’s Payment Center stepped in. By merging their CRM and billing systems, Payment Center allows EF Gap Year to instantly generate and send invoices, accept various payment methods, and store all information in a single platform all within Salesforce. Their students can pay directly from their invoices using check, cash, or credit card. Additionally, with Payment Center’s user-friendly interface, EF Gap Year employees can easily generate reports and dashboards to track payments and receivables, making the CRM process as intuitive as possible.

Overall, Kulturra’s Payment Center has revolutionized EF Gap Year’s payment process, allowing them to focus on what they do best: empowering their students through their experiential learning programs.

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