Bringing Concierge Payment Options to Concierge Medicine


In concierge medicine, doctors make it a point to put their patient’s convenience at the top of the priority list. Sollis Health goes above and beyond as they provide a full-service and personalized service that patients love. The concierge medical practice specializes in providing expert medical care infused with the art of hospitality at every step of the way.

In line with their goal of providing the finest medical care, Sollis Health decided to engage with Kulturra’s Payment Center. The goal is to make the experience even more seamless by incorporating a hassle-free medical billing process for its members. From their invoicing, collection, and financial reporting, Sollis Health uses Payment Center’s full-suite to add to the finishing touches of a truly first-class medical care.

We checked in with Sollis Health’s Business Analyst, Grace Conway, to find out how implementing Payment Center is moving their business forward to more seamless, convenient, and hassle-free transactions for their members.

What challenges were you looking at prior to implementing Kulturra Payment Center?

Prior to implementing Payment Center, the billing software we had in place was unwieldy, disjointed, and could not keep up with the needs of our growing business. It was a real limitation and constantly created errors that ate up a lot of our team’s time and energy to correct.

How did Kulturra's Payment Center help you solve those challenges?

Payment Center has proven to be an excellent solution for our annual subscription-based  business model’s requirements, and has provided us with more flexibility and efficiency than I could have imagined. We were able to customize it perfectly to suit our needs with great results.

Why would you recommend Kulturra Payment Center and their team?

With Payment Center, our invoicing and billing workflows are finally streamlined and running smoothly, and continue to keep up as our business needs evolve. Kulturra’s team has been most helpful in providing guidance along the way.

In terms of metrics, can you let us know how the app Payment Center has improved your process?

Since deploying Payment Center, we’ve doubled our operational efficiency in both invoicing and payment collections. The platform’s customizability and automation were also monumental in increasing our productivity by 75%. As for financial reporting and visibility, we improved by 100%.

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