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Nations Roof is a leading field service company that specializes in commercial roofing solutions. With 28 locations spanning more than 20 states, Nations Roof has brought their expertise to all corners of the United States. With a comprehensive range of roofing services – such as roof repairs, commercial roof replacement, new construction, and more – Nations Roof has been serving the roofing needs of their customers for more than 15 years.

Before installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof struggled to find an all-inclusive app within Salesforce that could accommodate all of their needs. What's unique about Nations Roof's invoices is that on each invoice, they include a before and after picture of their customer's roof as a visual confirmation of the completed work. As a result, they used two separate apps for billing and invoicing as they would create work orders in Salesforce and then create the invoice with the photos using a third party. As their business scaled, maintaining the two separate systems became too difficult to maintain.

With Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof no longer has to toggle back and forth between two separate systems as they can create their work orders and image-featuring invoices all within Salesforce. This system of "one-click invoicing" has streamlined their customer service process, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

Additionally, with Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof employees are able to consolidate all information in one centralized platform, and can easily create reports and dashboards to track receivables.

Thanks to Kulturra's Payment Center, Nations Roof has revolutionized its payment process, achieving greater efficiency without compromising any of their essential requirements, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

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