Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co.

A field services company that offers end-to-end irrigation solutions throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington. From design to installation to repair, this company specializes in residential sprinkler systems. Having installed over 17,000 of these systems, Hydro-Tech Irrigation has worked with a variety of customers – from contractors, government officials, to homeowners.

Prior to installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, Hydro-Tech Irrigation had an inefficient payment process that negatively affected their cash flow. For each project, there was a noticeable time delay between sending the customer their invoice and their eventual payment, which relied on how promptly the customer paid. This process was neither time nor cost effective.

However, Kulturra’s Payment Center revolutionized Hydro-Tech Irrigation's payment process. Payment Center enables them to accept various forms of payment, instantly generate invoices, and store all relevant information in one centralized platform within their Salesforce system. Now, with this user-friendly platform, their professionals can create invoices and accept credit card payments out on the field, speeding up their cash flow as they receive immediate payments. By installing Payment Center’s efficient invoicing and payment system, Hydro-Tech Irrigation no longer has to worry about their payment process and can focus their attention on what they do best: delivering first-class irrigation services to their customers.

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