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A global leader in experiential education, being the trusted international internship program provider for 100+ leading universities worldwide. The Intern Group spans five continents with nine program destinations. With three different kinds of programs – Global Internship Program, Digital Nomad Program, and Virtual/Remote Internship Program – the Intern Group presents an exciting opportunity for college students who are interested in blending their pursuit of professional experience with their desire for travel and exploration.

Prior to installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, the Intern Group struggled to maintain two separate systems: one for billing and invoicing, and another for CRM. As their business scaled, they realized maintaining two separate systems was not a sustainable payment process, particularly because it compromised their valuable time and resources.

However, by integrating their CRM and billing systems into a single platform, Kulturra’s Payment Center has revolutionized the Intern Group’s payment process. Now, their employees can instantly generate invoices, craft dashboards to track receivables, and store all relevant information in a centralized platform all within Salesforce.

Payment Center has not only streamlined their employees’ responsibilities, but has also made the lives of their customers easier as customers can now conveniently pay their fees directly from their invoices using any payment method they choose.

The convenience and highly-functional nature of Kulturra’s Payment Center has paved the way for payment simplicity, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Intern Group’s payment process.

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