PUPS Pet Club

PUPS Pet Club is one of Chicago’s fastest-growing pet services companies. Staffed by compassionate professionals, the company offers a variety of much-needed services that range from basic grooming, daycare, and overnights to more critical services such as veterinary care training.

PUPS Pet Club currently has 6 locations all over the Chicagoland area. And, they were thrilled to announce that PUPS Pet Club will be coming soon to the lively Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn!

They offer three membership tiers that give customers different levels of access to their services. The Basic level entails fur parents to consult about the products and services. Moving up with the Plus membership tier gives customers additional access to the wealth of highly-recommended services and exclusive access to promotions offered year-round. Lastly, Premium members get priority reservations and exclusive discounts to in-demand services such as overnights and grooming, enrollment into the PUPS BUCKS rewards program, and access to the club’s webcams so you can monitor how your pup is doing at all times.

Managing payment for the various services and products is understandably difficult for PUPS Pet Club. Dan Rubenstein, CEO and Founder, decided to engage with the Kulturra team to help in the invoicing and payments process in 2019. We had a chat with him about the PUPS Pet Club’s partnership with Kulturra’s Payment Center.

“We have been a Kulturra Payment Center customer for almost three years. The product fits perfectly for the core of our business processes. We have engaged Kulturra’s team for customization work and support for internal customization efforts that require access to the product. They are quick to respond and work with us. Overall, Payment Center is a great product supported by a competent and responsive team.”

What were the challenges you were facing before Kulturra Payment Center?

Before Kulturra Payment Center, we faced challenges securing, storing, and utilizing credit card information for our customers. We also had difficulties using Salesforce Opportunity for Invoice creation and payment automation.

How did Kulturra's Payment Center help you solve those challenges?

Payment Center had every challenge covered as their native Salesforce integration makes it easy to use every tool Salesforce offers. Additionally, concerning credit card storage and utilization, the Payment Center’s security and ease of use give us the confidence to focus on pets and not on payment processing.

In terms of metrics, can you let us know how Payment Center has improved your process?

From invoicing, payment collection, and even in the call center inside the sales channel, Payment Center improved our performance by 100% across the board.

Why would you recommend Kulturra Payment Center and their team?

Kulturra’s Payment Center is already a great product. But, the support of a competent and responsive team takes it to the next level.

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