The association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other.

About Smithbucklin

Smithbucklin is an association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other. They serve a wide range of industries and sectors such as trade associations, professional societies, technology communities, charitable organizations, and corporations.

They also provide a number of highly specialized professional services for specific functions and long-term projects by matching the right level of staff expertise and experience to client organization programs, activities, and objectives.

To help them handle their diverse payment options, Smithbucklin chose Kulturra’s Payment Center back in 2019 to take care of their payment processing needs. We caught up with Smithbucklin Sales Services Vice President Tom Myers to talk to him about the partnership.

What challenges were you looking to solve when you found Payment Center?

One of the services Smithbucklin offers is providing trade shows, events, and convention management. As such, they’ve had to handle booth-space payment processing from a lot of different organizations. With the varied ways that each organization handled their finances, it was difficult to process them all in one place. Kulturra’s Payment Center, therefore, was the perfect choice.

“Our unique multi-client Salesforce environment has been a challenge for many of the applications we investigated in the AppExchange. Payment Center is a Salesforce app we selected to automate the invoicing of vendor partners for the booth space, sponsorships or advertising they purchased from one of our client organizations.”

How has Kulturra Payment Center helped you solve the challenges?

While it was Payment Center’s versatility that initially drew them in, Smithbucklin and Thomas were pleasantly surprised that the whole system functioned so seamlessly. In a company that dealt with a copious amount of organizations, this seamless integration went a really long way

“Payment Center’s architecture is flexible and was able to support our requirements to manage invoicing on behalf of different clients whom we sell for and service. It has allowed us to move seamlessly from closing opportunities to invoicing to tracking payments, credit memos, etc. all within the same system. More efficient than re-entering order details into a separate invoicing system.”

Why would you recommend Payment Center and Kulturra?

There’s a whole lot more to like about Payment Center. Mr. Myers says that Payment Center’s versatility combined with an excellent post-sale support and ease-of-implementation make it an excellent value for money purchase for their business.

“What we liked best about Kulturra’s Payment Center is that it works with custom projects. It’s also priced competitively while also being one of the best in terms of ease of implementation and post-sale support.”

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