Nations Roof

Master the Payment Process in Salesforce

Nations Roof is a leading field service company that specializes in commercial roofing solutions. With 28 locations spanning more than 20 states, Nations Roof has brought their expertise to all corners of the United States. With a comprehensive range of roofing services – such as roof repairs, commercial roof replacement, new construction, and more – Nations Roof has been serving the roofing needs of their customers for more than 15 years.

Before installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof struggled to find an all-inclusive app within Salesforce that could accommodate all of their needs. What's unique about Nations Roof's invoices is that on each invoice, they include a before and after picture of their customer's roof as a visual confirmation of the completed work. As a result, they used two separate apps for billing and invoicing as they would create work orders in Salesforce and then create the invoice with the photos using a third party. As their business scaled, maintaining the two separate systems became too difficult to maintain.

With Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof no longer has to toggle back and forth between two separate systems as they can create their work orders and image-featuring invoices all within Salesforce. This system of "one-click invoicing" has streamlined their customer service process, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

Additionally, with Kulturra’s Payment Center, Nations Roof employees are able to consolidate all information in one centralized platform, and can easily create reports and dashboards to track receivables.

Thanks to Kulturra's Payment Center, Nations Roof has revolutionized its payment process, achieving greater efficiency without compromising any of their essential requirements, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

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University of Fredericton

Empowering Higher Education: Integrating CRM and Billing Systems for Seamless Payments

Empowering Higher Education : Integrating CRM and Billing Systems for Seamless Payments

Based in Canada, the University of Fredericton is a fully-online higher education institution that offers a variety of degrees such as Associates, Bachelors, MBAs, and Master’s Certificates. Their remote learning model provides unparalleled convenience for adult students, empowering them to seamlessly balance their personal obligations while pursuing their education from any corner of the globe.The University of Fredericton has been ranked one of the best online universities in Canada by Course Compare.

The university helps students from all over the globe, from all backgrounds, to get a world-class education at a fraction of the cost of going to traditional universities. Because UFred gets enrollees from different parts of the world with various types of payment mechanisms, the university needed a powerful payment system that can handle different payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and others.

Prior to installing Kulturra’s Payment Center, the University of Fredericton had two separate systems for billing and CRM. As their business scaled, it became increasingly difficult to manage the two systems, thus compromising their time, resources, and productivity. Looking in the Salesforce Appexchange to find a comprehensive solution, they struggled to find an app that could do it all – invoicing and payments.

However, the University of Fredericton's payment process has been seamlessly transformed by Kulturra’s Payment Center, mirroring the convenience of the University’s remote learning model. By integrating their CRM and billing systems into a single platform, Payment Center allows them to instantly generate invoices, accept a wide range of payment methods, and consolidate all relevant information in a centralized platform all within Salesforce. Notably, students can conveniently pay their fees directly from their invoices using check, cash, or credit card. Additionally, with this user-friendly interface, the University’s employees can easily create reports and dashboards to track payments and receivables.

With the installation of Payment Center, the University of Fredericton has discovered the holistic solution they were looking for: a Salesforce platform capable of seamlessly managing both invoicing and payments.

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Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providing an enterprise class inventory and order management solution.

About Ascent Solutions

It goes beyond inventory management. Ascent has Operations 360 that extends the utility of the Salesforce Sales Cloud with real-time inventory, purchase, sales, rental orders, finance management, and even reverse logistics data. Ascent Solutions basically arms business owners with the tools to help them make the best decision for their business based on real-time, accurate, and accessible information.

The company also gives businesses the ability to focus on big decisions. By automating some of order management and fulfilment processes, business owners can have more time developing the business rather than simply running it.

What makes them truly stand out from the rest of the ERPs available on the Salesforce platform is in how quick and easy it is to deploy the Ascent Solutions system. There’s no need for expensive and laborious network infrastructure or hardware set-up.

To help Ascent Solutions send automated invoices and accept a wider range of payment options, they decided to use Kulturra’s Payment Center.

Kulturra caught up with Ascent Solutions, to talk about how Payment Center has helped their company in giving their customers a truly hassle-free experience in dealing with the company.

According to Ascent Solutions Co-Founder and President, Shaun McInerny, processing credit card information was a sore point prior to deploying Kulturra’s Payment Center

“Ascent would have to enter a customer’s credit card information directly into the payment processor’s website. Then we would have to close out the invoice in Ascent and enter the payment details into our accounting system, Xero.”

Kulturra’s Payment Center made the process much easier by managing and safeguarding customer information. This allowed Ascent to enter customer information only once in the beginning and just retrieve the information when it’s needed again at the next billing cycle.

McInerny also likes Payment Center’s automated invoicing features. It streamlines the invoicing and payment processing which leads to savings in both time and effort.

“We have automated all of our monthly and quarterly recurring customers. There is zero human intervention with our recurring clients. Credit cards are processed automatically and invoices sent without any human intervention. If this process was still manual, we would need to dedicate 4 to 5 hours to complete the monthly tasks.”

If freeing up some precious time from draining work in invoicing and payment processing is important to you, then let Kulturra’s Payment Center take over for you. Contact us now!

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Sollis Health

Bringing Concierge Payment Options to Concierge Medicine


In concierge medicine, doctors make it a point to put their patient’s convenience at the top of the priority list. Sollis Health goes above and beyond as they provide a full-service and personalized service that patients love. The concierge medical practice specializes in providing expert medical care infused with the art of hospitality at every step of the way.

In line with their goal of providing the finest medical care, Sollis Health decided to engage with Kulturra’s Payment Center. The goal is to make the experience even more seamless by incorporating a hassle-free medical billing process for its members. From their invoicing, collection, and financial reporting, Sollis Health uses Payment Center’s full-suite to add to the finishing touches of a truly first-class medical care.

We checked in with Sollis Health’s Business Analyst, Grace Conway, to find out how implementing Payment Center is moving their business forward to more seamless, convenient, and hassle-free transactions for their members.

What challenges were you looking at prior to implementing Kulturra Payment Center?

Prior to implementing Payment Center, the billing software we had in place was unwieldy, disjointed, and could not keep up with the needs of our growing business. It was a real limitation and constantly created errors that ate up a lot of our team’s time and energy to correct.

How did Kulturra's Payment Center help you solve those challenges?

Payment Center has proven to be an excellent solution for our annual subscription-based  business model’s requirements, and has provided us with more flexibility and efficiency than I could have imagined. We were able to customize it perfectly to suit our needs with great results.

Why would you recommend Kulturra Payment Center and their team?

With Payment Center, our invoicing and billing workflows are finally streamlined and running smoothly, and continue to keep up as our business needs evolve. Kulturra’s team has been most helpful in providing guidance along the way.

In terms of metrics, can you let us know how the app Payment Center has improved your process?

Since deploying Payment Center, we’ve doubled our operational efficiency in both invoicing and payment collections. The platform’s customizability and automation were also monumental in increasing our productivity by 75%. As for financial reporting and visibility, we improved by 100%.

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