Inception Online Marketing is a marketing agency that has one goal: to help chiropractic practitioners tell their stories in the most effective way possible. They understand what it takes for a practice to stand out in today’s digital world and are committed to helping their clients achieve their goals.

They offer a six-step approach to total personalized marketing optimization which includes: website optimization, Google Adwords utilization, social media optimization, reputation management, content creation, and customer connection. Their approach is designed to help practitioners attract more patients and increase revenue.

With Kulturra Payment Center, Inception Online Marketing can take payments online for their clients across the country. This partnership, now three years old, enables their clients to have a wide range of payment options, including ACH (Automated Clearing House), credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Kulturra also enables Inception Online Marketing to process recurring payments from satisfied clients and send automated reminders for outstanding invoices. This is a great feature for clients who want to pay on a regular basis and are too busy to remember when the next invoice is due. All these features are fully integrated with Salesforce CRM.

So, we've asked the Inception Marketing team to tell us more about their experience with Kulturra Payment Center and how it has changed the way they do business. We interviewed, John Owens, the Chief R&D Officer of Inception Online Marketing:


What challenges were you looking at prior to implementing Kulturra Payment Center?

We offer subscription services to our clients, and it was a little challenging to find a payment service that would fit our build out.

What role did Kulturra Payment Center play in helping you reach your objectives, improve your company, and become more successful?

We built our Salesforce system in a unique way. So, couldn’t use any of the “out of the box” systems on the market. It was only Kulturra and its team that was able to create a workaround that perfectly fits our unique needs that integrates well with our build out.

How did Kulturra’s Payment Center help you solve those challenges?

We were able to work closely with the tech support team to develop a custom solution for our needs. It was a pleasure working with the Kulturra Team.

Why would you recommend Kulturra Payment Center and their team?

Customer service has been fantastic and prompt. Their software solution just simply works with almost no issues. If anything does come up, they’re able to resolve it in a timely manner.

Has Payment Center made any particular steps in your Salesforce process simpler? (example: invoice creation, payment reminders, automatic retry of failed payments, reports of outstanding invoices, etc) If so, please explain the difference.

Kulturra has been our only payment solution, so I don’t have a comparison. I will say that we were able to develop a one click invoicing setup that has been fantastic to use and has saved us and our clients a lot of their time.

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