Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida
Industry: Apparel and Fashion

Dru Dalton

CEO of Real Thread

Kulturra's app has become an integral part of our business and our team loves using it. It makes processing cards from within Salesforce a breeze! Their support is great and were very willing to help us with whatever we needed to make this app work for our business! Highly recommend!

About Real Thread

Real Thread creates custom printed t-shirts, hats, bags, face masks and more with super soft and sustainable printing style. Their services includes screen printing, embroidery, helps with fundraising, and handling fulfillment. Kulturra have spoken with Dru Dalton, Real Thread's CEO, on how Payment Center has helped his organization optimize their payments and invoices.

How long have you been using Payment Center?

"We have been a customer of Payment Center since 2013. We discovered it when we were looking for a payment processing on the Salesforce AppExchange."

What challenges were you looking to solve when you found Payment Center?

"We wanted a fast and easy way to let our customers pay for their orders. We wanted it to be fast for our team to send invoices and collect payment, as well as fast for our back office team to track, apply, and reconcile payments."

How did the Payment Center solution solve your challenges?

"Payment Center solved both of our desires and more. Since our accounting application (Accounting Seed) is also built natively inside Salesforce, our back office saves a lot of time not having to manually add any card transactions to our Accounting system, they're all immediately and automatically added when a payment is made with Payment Center.

Payment Center is super fast and easy to create payment options for customers based on the data in Salesforce. It can be automated and is turnkey with no or minimal development cost."

Like Real Thread, you can also streamline your payments and invoices With Payment Center. Contact us today.

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