Mestrelab Research SL

A software development company focused on the development and supply of high-quality software for Analytical Chemistry and its data management.

About Mestrelab Research SL

The company develops software for the scientific community focusing on highly intuitive Graphical User Interface and top-end software integration. MNOVA is their top-class software suite that processes analytical chemistry data. One of its features is it can combine all analytical data using the same interface. Thus, saving a lot of time and effort in processing, analyzing and reporting critical data.

In the pursuit of its mission, Mestrelab Research SL deals not only with transnational pharma, chemical and industrial companies but also with various customers and clients in the scientific community. Students, researchers, and even entire academic institutions serve as the primary user base of their software. This international company has key people located in several countries. They have resellers of their software in China, Japan, France, Korea, Poland and India.

Mestrelab Research SL deals with many customers with different backgrounds, from well-funded universities to self-funded students. As their company grows, they started looking for a financial app on the Salesforce AppExchange that will help consolidate their invoicing and payment processing in one place to make it more efficient to keep track of their finances. That’s when they found our app, Payment Center.

We caught up with Mestrelab Research SL, Chief Marketing Officer, David Carballas, to get his insights of Payment Center:

We caught up with Mestrelab Research SL, Chief Marketing Officer, David Carballas, to get his insights on Payment Center:

What challenges were you looking at prior to implementing Kulturra Payment Center?

We wanted to implement payment solutions across different objects such as invoices, quotes, and pro-forma invoices in a straightforward, intuitive process for our broad consumer base.

How did Kulturra's Payment Center help you solve those challenges?

Payment Center has helped us deploy payment solutions across various salesforce objects with a simple and effective solution, driving customer adoption and increasing our collecting rates.

From Salesforce integration to implementation, Kulturra helped us all the way. And once the system was deployed, we didn't have to do much work as the software was doing most of the work for us.

Why would you recommend Kulturra Payment Center and their team?

It's a brilliant solution that makes invoicing and payment simple for our customers and us. The quotes and invoices we send out already have links where customers can use their credit cards and other modes of payment. The support team is also phenomenal! The Kulturra team didn't just help us deploy and integrate Payment Center; they also helped us create custom objects that we need for our operations.

In terms of metrics, can you let us know how Payment Center has improved your process?

One of the most critical metrics that improved when we implemented Payment Center is that we doubled payment collections using our Stripe account.

We've also increased overall productivity by 20%. As a result, we no longer have to spend precious resources tracking invoices and checking receivables.

We're so satisfied with the software that we have it deployed on 100% of our business operations. So, for sales quotes, invoices, payments, and everything in between, we use Kulturra's Payment Center.

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