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HAVEN is a home staging firm with over 11 years of experience transforming spaces into memorable havens. With a focus on Chicago's urban neighborhoods, they offer a warehouse of on-trend designer curated furnishings that help sell properties faster and for more money. HAVEN offer a variety of services, including vacant, partially occupied, and occupied staging along with occupied and video consultations.

They stage empty properties with their own on-trend furnishings or combine their inventory with clients' own furniture — condos to single family homes, entry-level to high-end.

They pride themselves on clear communication and thorough site visits. They take detailed measurements, notes and photos, so each of their team members can interchangeably work on any part of the process.

They use the latest technology to ensure a smooth transaction — from e-signature to online payment.

Unlike most Chicago staging companies, HAVEN offers a month-to-month contract and provides the best staging product for a swift sale, which results in fewer mortgage payments and carrying costs.

"We have been using Kulturra Payment Center for the past 18 months. The Kulturra team is so helpful in answering our questions. They're always willing to jump on a call to further clarify solutions for us and help us brainstorm. They are a great partner in our business operations. "
Deniz Hedden
Operations Manager

According to Deniz Hedden, HAVEN's operations manager, invoicing and payments took up a substantial amount of their day-to-day time.

“Invoices had been handled manually (PDF) for 10 years; we were looking to automate the process to free up the owner of the company's time as well as resolve outstanding balances. The owner felt she was in a position of a debt collector because payments were not automated. It took up a substantial amount of her day-to-day, not allowing her to focus on big picture business items.”

After implementing Payment Center, they've collected more outstanding cash and substantially cut their time doing invoicing and payments.

“We resolved over $60k in outstanding cash at any given time by automating credit card payments using Kulturra Payment Center. Clients were always happy to leave a credit card on file, we just did not have the means with which to do so prior. Our day-to-day invoicing runs in a much more automated manner with Kulturra Payment Center. We set up recurring payments as new projects arise and just monitor ongoing payments.”

"Resolved $60K in outstanding cash at any given time."

Just like HAVEN, you can also take back your time and let Payment Center do the invoicing and payments for you. Contact us today.

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