Driver Defense Team

We are Illinois-based law group that specialize in traffic-related cases

About Driver Defense Team

Driver Defense Team is an Illinois-based law group that specialize in traffic-related cases. The team consists of lawyers and legal assistants always ready to protect the legal rights of their clients in an array of scenarios.

The law group commonly gives advice on petty and misdemeanor traffic violations. However, the team is also fully equipped to handle more serious traffic cases such as DUI and driving under a suspended or revoked license.

The DDT Law Group has a lot on their plate in defending the legal rights of Illinois residents that come from different walks of life. It’s important, therefore, that invoicing and billing are not a hindrance to their workflow. Because of this need for versatility, they chose to deploy Kulturra’s Payment Center in their day-to-day operations.

We had a chat with Derek Martin, one of the firm’s partners, about how Kulturra Payment Center has made it possible for them to focus on their clients.

Derek Martin


Driver Defense Team

What challenges were you trying to overcome before using Kulturra Payment Center?

The Driver Defense Team attracts clients from a diverse demographic. As such, their client’s preferred payment methods vary wildly. This makes Invoicing and billing complicated.

I implemented two other popular payment apps before testing Payment Center. They were never quite right. Our attorneys had difficulty billing clients on our previous Salesforce Financial app, as it could not handle our different payment options (cash, credit card, checks, money order, etc). We’d have to make 25 clicks just to accept a cash payment.

How has Payment Center helped you in solving the challenges?

Payment Center’s ability to handle an assortment of payment options attracted the Driver Defense Team. It gave the firm the ability to process their client’s payments with a few simple clicks.

Payment Center’s out-of-the-box features allow down payments and multiple installments that suits our needs. We now have a simplified way of billing our clients. It works perfectly and easily on all different payment options (credit card, check, cash, money orders, etc) including customized payment plans with different installment amounts. Also, we now have a good visibility of our cases, allowing us to see which one is paid, closed or still open. It allows for easier tracking, automatic notifications to our clients, and better insights on the status of all the cases we are handling.

Payment Center is the perfect solution for our law firm. It is extremely versatile which allows us to focus more on protecting our clients.

Why would you recommend Payment Center and Kulturra?

Versatility might have been what attracted DDT to Payment Center but it was Kulturra’s hands-on approach to solving the law group’s problems that made them fully commit. Kulturra’s team worked hard to provide the precise solution to the law firm’s unique requirements.

Kulturra’s Payment Center was very “out of the box” and after a phone call with the Payment Center support team, they customized it to be perfect for our needs. I cannot recommend them enough!

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