Simple Yet Flexible Invoicing

Create and send invoices within Salesforce with ease.

  • Fully customizable invoice templates
  • Allow for down payments or multiple installments
  • Add discounts
  • Add shipping, tax, convenience fees or any other additional charges
  • Print/email multiple invoices at once
  • Send Statements
  • Fully integrated with Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes and Products
  • Accept payments using Credit Card, eCheck/ACH, Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, etc.


Pay Now Widget

Add a “Pay Now” button in just about anywhere in your Salesforce CRM. You can also send an email with a payment link and your customers can pay right from their email. Fully integrated with industry-leading payment processors:

PayPal Payflow Pro
PayPal Payments Pro

And More…


Autopilot Billing

Setup recurring bills daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can choose to send your customers their bills, or automatically charge their credit cards. And when their credit card payment failed for some reason, we will automatically retry them in a couple of days (depending on your setting).



Reminders are sent to your customers automatically so you don’t have to do them. They are reminded of:

  • Late Invoices
  • Credit Card expiry notices



You can create credits for refunds, advance payments, invoice errors, etc. And when you do credit card refunds, those are also submitted to your processor so the money goes back to your customers automatically.



Create invoices in different currencies, and get paid in that currency too!


Developer Friendly

If you have a working system and simply need a payment functionality, you can also opt to use our API. Within Salesforce you can call our global classes to access the payment functionality. From your website (or anywhere outside Salesforce), you can use our REST API.

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