Why Choose Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the best tools for businesses of all sizes. No matter how big or small your business is, you need to keep your relationship with your client by taking the right approach.

Salesforce is the leading CRM software used by many businesses to manage their customer’s data, leads, accounts, finance and marketing. They have improvised the sales operation of enterprises and created innovative products and services for their Customer’s needs. Salesforce have consistently been ranked #1 by IDC for four years running and have over 4,000 pre-integrated applications on their marketplace exchange, AppExchange. Salesforce has all the plugins you need to run your business. Depending on your business needs, you can download many apps from the AppExchange including the Kulturra Payment Center. Kulturra is a  Payment Processing and Invoicing app that you can easily integrate into your  Salesforce account.

Here are some reasons to get Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce.

Free Trial

Download the Payment Center from the AppExchange and use the payments and invoicing features free for 30 days. You can test it out on your org and see if it will fit your business requirements.

Everything you need in accounting

Accounting is one of the biggest areas of a business. Without it, finances won’t be managed well, especially if the owner has no idea how the process works. This is the reason why many companies tend to hire their accountants to do the process. However, the traditional accounting process is starting to lose its time. The world is becoming digitalized, so more enterprises are switching to automated accounting.

Payment Center has everything you need in your accounting—invoicing, credit card ACH checking, payment request links, and SF communities. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to manage your business finances. Salesforce has been helping small-scale to large-scale businesses. Before Payment Center, users had to go to other software or apps to record their financial transactions. Imagine the time you’re going to waste when picking information from  Salesforce and switching tables to record them again in your accounting software.

If you use Payment Center, you’ll have so much time saved. You’ll be able to focus on other  important aspects of your business with the extra time. For our users, Payment Center makes their lives convenient

It’s customizable

What’s the main difference between Payment Center and other accounting software outside of Salesforce. The latter has pre-arranged templates for users. This means that there’s no way a user can do their own format of reports, for example, since the software has arranged everything for them before purchase. Payment Center does the same by providing templates for users. But, what makes it unique is that it enables users to customize their own dashboards to  see what they want to see at a glance. They can have their own format of reports and records within Salesforce.

Collections made easy

Payment Center allows you to send an automatic reminder for your customers who have outstanding invoices, expiring credit cards, or default payments. You don’t have to hire a third party to do the collections or have someone in your team call your customers. With an  automated alert, you’ll become more cost and time-efficient.

Salesforce community

Customers have always wanted a place where they can reach out to the customer service representative quickly. The good thing about Kulturra Payment Center in Salesforce is that they don’t have to wait in a queue to talk to someone with knowledge. They can post their concerns in the Salesforce community to get answers from thousands of users in Salesforce.


Payment Center has a lot to offer. It’s a reputable software with a 5-star AppExchange rating. It’s more than 10 years of experience and over 12 payment processors supported has brought it to the place where it’s at right now. If you’re looking for great accounting software and you’re  using Salesforce for your business, it’s about time to use Kulturra Payment Center to make a  huge difference in your company

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