Why Was My Recurring Invoice Not Processed?

There could be several reasons why a recurring invoice was not processed. Below is a list you can check:

  1. Ensure that the recurring scheduler is started. It may also appear that the scheduler is started but recurring invoices are not being processed. One reason could be that the original user who started the scheduler is not active anymore. To check go to Setup | Jobs | Scheduled Jobs. Look for the job called Recurring Invoice and ensure that the Submitted By user is still active. If not, you can go ahead and restart (stop/start) the scheduler. After restarting the scheduler, check the scheduled job again and make sure that it is now you who started it.
  2. Ensure that the recurring invoice is active, i.e. the Is Active flag on the recurring invoice should be ticked.
  3. Ensure that the recurring invoice hasn’t ended:
    1. If there is an End Date, check that it hasn’t passed.
    2. Or if there is Occurrences, check that it hasn’t been met yet (occurrences is the number of invoices that should be created). There is a hidden field called Invoice Created that contains the current count of invoices created so far. Compare that number with the occurrences. Invoices created should be less than the occurrences for the recurring invoice to be processed.
  4. Check the Start Date and Next Invoice Date. Both dates should at least be equal or past the current date.


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