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How does invoicing work?

Payment Center is a native app in Salesforce, as such creating an invoice is much the same way as creating a regular Salesforce record. Here’s a good overview of Payment Center invoicing:

You can also find more information here: Payment Center invoicing


How does the whole process of taking credit card payments in Salesforce work?

If you are in a situation where you use Salesforce to manage your leads, customers, opportunities, orders, etc., and you go somewhere else to take credit card payments from your customers, then Payment Center is just the right solution for you.

How it works is you sign up for one of the payment processors we support, then simply link your processor account with Payment Center (if you have an account with one of them already, then you can use that). Once the linking is done, then you can take credit card payments without leaving Salesforce. And since you’re already in Salesforce, you can use your accounts’ or contacts’ information as input to your payment pages so you don’t have to re-key their information again. Furthermore, you can email a payment link to your customers so they can enter their credit card information themselves.


I don’t take credit card payments, can I still use the app?

Yes. You can send invoices to your customers and manually record their payments, i.e. check, cash, etc., and the invoices will be appropriately updated with the paid amount.


How does recurring billing work?

Recurring billing is suited for subscription-type businesses. You have the option to send your customers their bills on a scheduled basis, or automatically charge their credit card on a scheduled basis. Here’s a good overview of recurring billing:


What if payments fail? Will somebody be notified?

If payments fail, your customer and you will be notified. Your customer will also have the chance to enter a different credit card if desired.


What if my customers don’t pay their invoices? Will I have to chase them myself?

You can always chase them yourself, but we have put a reminder in place so your customers get notified of their outstanding invoices automatically.


How about refunds? Can I do it with your app?

Yes, you can issue refunds through Payment Center. And the refund actually goes through the payment processor who then returns the money to your customers’ credit card.


Does the app come with reports, or reporting capabilities?

Of course, since the app is native to Salesforce you can use Salesforce’s reporting and dashboard capabilities on your invoices and payments.


Is your app secure? Is it PCI-compliant?

We have built the app first and foremost with security in mind, as such we have utilized encryption methodologies that Salesforce provide (i.e. Encrypted Fields feature). Salesforce has also achieved PCI DSS compliance, and since the app is stored in your Salesforce organization, much of your PCI scope has been taken cared of.

Note: you can request a copy Salesforce’s PCI Attestation of Compliance from your Salesforce representative.


I already have a way of sending invoices to my customers, can I use your app to simply take credit card payments?

Yes you can. The app comes with a “Pay Now” widget that you can attach anywhere in Salesforce in order to take credit card payments.


Can I easily convert my opportunities/quotes/orders to invoices?
Can I offer portal access for my customers to login and browse their invoices and payments?

You can achieve this using Salesforce Communities, which basically allows you to expose some functionalities to your customers. Note that Salesforce Communities is priced separately. For Payment Center licensing for Communities, please contact us.





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